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Five year old Lilo is a smaller and compact guy. He is friendly and active and likes to be outside on adventures. After 4 years he was turned back into our rescue due to family issues. 

Once we spend some time with him we will update his info.



Honor is an 11 month old beauty with quite a story to tell. She is very  proud of her name as it has a heart wrenching legacy. Honor did not  start out well in life but she has made great strides now that she is  more confident in humans and her circle has been widened with new  experiences. Honor is dog friendly and people friendly, just needs to  overcome her shyness. She will not be transported. She will be only  adopted within a Texas or surrounding states with a savvy owner who can  be her champion and rock.



 I'm Campy from the country.  A man brought me to animal control and said  I was a stray but animal control thinks that man was my owner. Oh well.  His loss! I'm off to a better life. If you have noticed I've got a  really nice head of hair. Can you imagine the fullness once I start  really getting a good diet? I'm already getting double portions of food!  Look out shampoo models!

I'm about a year and 35 lbs for now. I like dogs! I like people too but  am a little submissive. Had an interaction with a cat and after one  swing that was enough. Scary.


Anastasia "Ana"

She is a gem! Ana is doing well in her foster home after initial big dog introductions but does not do as well with small dogs - and no cats! Ana is very people friendly. She is house trained and does not need to be crated. Ana is just a couple of years old and located in the Dallas area.



Falcon or "Kisses" will win your heart quickly. She is dog friendly and loves people with her tail swishing to and fro. Her coat is so pretty! This girl would do great with a family! She is about 2-3 years old and has her suitcase packed!




Fynn is a looker. This handsome black male has the girls staring! Fynn is about 3 years old. He is loving his foster home in Oklahoma where there are older children and a senior female chow. He unfortunately is not a fan of cats so NO CATS!  We will continue to update his bio as we learn about him.



Met Mr. Friendly! Four year old Cooper is a loving retriever chow combo.  He does fairy well on a leash and likes the car. Families with older  kids would keep this guy entertained and cuddled. Cooper is approx 46  lbs, heartworm negative and fully vetted.  He would be a perfect family  companion and he is also good with other dogs. 



Juniper is a tiny girl at just 25 lbs. We believe her to be about 3 years old. She is dog and people friendly.  She is currently in Gulfport, MS.  Stay tuned for more info & pics.



Kado is a big ol lover. This 75lb pyrannees/chow mix will steal your heart. Kado likes to play soccer with his large ball then insists on belly rubs afterwards. He is doing great at his foster home which has  male and female dogs and cats. Kado loves life!  This boy is 5 years old and will give you and your family years of happiness



Meet Rowan!  This handsome boy is about 50lbs & we estimate between  3-5 years old.  He is shy at first but will warm up once he gets  comfortable.  He likes to hang out with his people.  We do think he  would do best in a home without children in addition to someone that is  experienced with the breed & can devote some extra time with him.   Rowan is heartworm positive however has been going through slow kill  treatment for almost a year so should test negative soon.  He has been  fully vetted, neutered & microchipped.  
If you are interested in meeting Rowan or would like further information, please contact



Fifi is a hard worker. Her short stint at the shelter included  socializing with the cats and helping to clean by eating their spilled  kibble!  She is very affectionate and likes to lay on the couch with you  and take a nap wit her head next to you. She likes to come up to you  seeking affection and attention.  Fifi spent her first year on a chain.  She is responding well to house training and needs a consistent schedule  to continue to be successful.  Fifi is dog and likes to hang with the  pack, however she does guard her food around other dogs and is fed  separately.  She is a small chow mix at 40 lbs & approx 6-8 years  old. 


City Girl

City Girl is being spoiled by her foster parents as she has access to a doggy door, a big chow brother and two cats. She absolutely loves her foster mom and looks for pets and attention when she comes home. City Girl is a great house guest. She does take a bit of warm up time but will bond with an owner. Her days are filled with laying outside by the pool, having a cool beverage inside and coming and going through the doggy door as she pleases. She does pretty well on a leash too. Her coat is a stunning deep red that is making great progress from the dry and parched look she had initially. City Girl is a small chow girl at 35lbs. 



 This wee powerhouse is full sparkle and shine! Get ready to keep up with  her cuz she has places to go! Tempe is 2-3 and a lightening bolt of  energy and fun and cuteness overload. She can get thru a small space and  open doors in a jiffy. Then she may come sit on the couch with you when  her energy is spent. She would do best as an only dog or with a sibling  that doesn't react to her play bites.




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