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SENIOR CHOW COMMUNITY: This sweet 10-12 year old lady is Cookie. Her mom passed away, and her dad is in a dementia care facility. We couldn’t let her go to a shelter so one of our wonderful fosters in Austin took her in. They have a dog daycare and boarding business and it proved to be too much action for Miss Cookie. She has most likely been a single dog and she is protective of her food.

She is looking for a forever foster who can give her calm slow-moving environment and a quiet space to sleep (a lot). Careful attention to feeding and treats while she gets comfortable with new people. She may be okay with another calm aloof senior dog. Please contact us if you can help out in any way.


Billie Jean

Billie Jean is a lover! One of the friendliest girls ever in our program. Her love for her family is all encompassing and she would prefer to be the only dog to soak it all in. She has had an initial cat test and did just fine and can be tested further. Billie Jean is a young gal and ready to pack her case. 



Meet Grace!  She is one of the Quattro Crew!   She will melt your heart with her stunning eyes.  She is all smiles after her spa day!  She is a little shy at 1st but warms up quickly.  Grace is just over 2 years old (born 1-27-17), fully  vaccinated, spayed and heartworm negative.  She will be microchipped  prior to adoption. Grace is a little smaller at 36 lbs and could definitely stand to gain a few lbs.  She loves hanging out with her brother Mufasa and sisters Zoe and Queen.  She is dog friendly.  Unfortunately like her siblings, Grace lived outside for all of her life so she is  still learning his house manners but is making good progress along with her other siblings Zoe, Queen and Mufasa.



 This little cutie is new to our program. Foxtrot is about 2. His owner  moved to a place that did not allow dogs and he found himself at animal  control. Foxtrot is a small boy at 37 lbs. He loves attention and we  think would be great with kids.

Foxtrot will be neutered and microchipped prior to adoption. Watch for updates!



Kado is a big ol lover. This 75lb pyrannees/chow mix will steal your heart. Kado likes to play soccer with his large ball then insists on belly rubs afterwards. He is doing great at his foster home which has  male and female dogs and cats. Kado loves life!  This boy is 5 years old and will give you and your family years of happiness



Senior Chow Advocates – we need you! She has been a single lady her whole life and she likes it that way. Humans only, no other pets! Fifi loves, loves, loves people!

Her story: We bailed her out of the Arkansas pokey in July 2018. Once here, she spent some time in boarding. She started getting depressed so we soon found a foster for her. Um, with dogs… and that is when we discovered that she did not want to share the spotlight! At first she was fine but her love for people made her not want to share the affection and she got bossy and did some trash talking, basically showing off her Diva attitude. Let us know if you can help out our Diva Fifi. 

Fifi is about 8-9. She is active and loves the yard and checking out her surroundings. Walks are important and she is one to remind us to stop and smell the roses! Fifi is ready for her new home!



This is one sweet and happy boy!  All cleaned up and feeling sooooo much better!  Mufasa is just over 1 year old (born 4-17-18), fully vaccinated, neutered and heartworm negative.  He will be microchipped prior to adoption. He is already a healthy boy at just over 50 lbs and still could afford to put on a few more lbs.  He loves to sit and rub up against his people.  He is dog friendly and loves to romp around and play.   Unfortunately Mufasa lived outside for all of his life so he is still learning his house manners but is making good progress along with his sisters Zoe, Queen and Grace.



 This wee powerhouse is full sparkle and shine! Get ready to keep up with  her cuz she has places to go! Tempe is 2-3 and a lightening bolt of  energy and fun and cuteness overload. She can get thru a small space and  open doors in a jiffy. Then she may come sit on the couch with you when  her energy is spent. She would do best as an only dog or with a sibling  that doesn't react to her play bites.


Anastasia "Ana"

She is a gem!  Ana is a bit bewildered moving from a foster home to boarding but we are  looking hard for an adopter or foster home. Young Ana would do best as an only dog or with someone that can continue to help her integrate into  a pack or with another dog.  She is not a fan of cats! She is learning she can get attention and  let the other dogs have it too. Ana is very people friendly. She is house trained and does not need to be crated. Ana is just a couple of years old.



Meet Rowan!  This handsome boy is about 50lbs & we estimate between  3-5 years old.  He is shy at first but will warm up once he gets  comfortable.  He likes to hang out with his people.  We do think he  would do best in a home without children in addition to someone that is  experienced with the breed & can devote some extra time with him.   Rowan is heartworm positive however has been going through slow kill  treatment for almost a year so should test negative soon.  He has been  fully vetted, neutered & microchipped.  
If you are interested in meeting Rowan or would like further information, please contact


City Girl

City Girl is being spoiled by her foster parents as she has access to a  doggy door, a big chow brother and two cats. She absolutely loves her  foster mom and looks for pets and attention when she comes home. City  Girl is a great house guest. She does take a bit of warm up time but  will bond with an owner. Her days are filled with laying outside by the  pool, having a cool beverage inside and coming and going through the  doggy door as she pleases. She does pretty well on a leash too. Her coat  is a stunning deep red that is making great progress from the dry and  parched look she had initially. City Girl is a small chow girl at 35lbs.




Courtesy Postings on behalf of our Rescue friends!