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The below are courtesy postings.  Houston Chow Chow Connection can not confirm any of the stated comments or behaviors.


Frankie & Jonnie


Meet Frankie & Jonnie, 2 spayed sisters who are equal parts ChowChow and Yellow Lab.  They belonged to my parents, an elderly couple, who have each passed away within a 1y 3m of one another. I am their daughter and currently caring for them. They are so sweet, loving, and affectionate that I very much would love to keep them but I have 2 female dogs of my own and Jonnie, a dominant female, simply won't tolerate other female dogs except for her sister Frankie.
Frankie has a more labby nature--easy-going, comes when called, and enjoys chasing critters while Jonnie has a more Chow personality-- protective of her people/property which provided a much needed sense of security for my mother after my father passed away. Because of her protective nature, Jonnie can be stubborn and slow to listen in those moments where she believes someone/something (FedEx/UPS guy, squirrels) is a threat. Once she knows you are ok with a visitor, she is fine.  They both enjoyed all the extra attention from the different Home Instead helpers that came into my mothers home on a daily basis.  They are used to being spoiled (love to share your snacks), loved on (very affectionate!), and want to be close to their people. Both have excellent house manners!  They've never once had an accident, never attempt to get into garbage or cabinets, won't get on the furniture unless invited, and will always let you know when they need to go out.  
In warm climates, like here on the Gulf Coast, they need to be indoors due to their heavier coats.  Both have been on monthly heartworm, flea, and tick preventative and have tested negative for heartworms as of this month. They are about 5-6 years old.
I am looking for an appropriate and loving forever home for these girls where they will be happy and are certain to share all the love they have to give with the right person or couple. (No other dogs, no cats, no children as they are only used to adults).



MeshaJoy is a 50lb girl, a full blood, registered chow chow. She is 7years old (June) And is not your typical chow. She’s laid back and great w people and kids. Shes perfect. She’s SUCH a great dog! She’s very protective of her people and her space. (Good guard dog) she loves to play and exercise. She is an INside dog AND is potty trained and does not use pee pads. She will let you know when it’s time for her to go outside. She doesn’t poop on walks/runs/ just in her space, in her back yard.   She is dominant; BUT can be trained to share (she has been w honey a 12 lb chihuahua over the last 2.5 months w NO (esp food aggressive) issues.)  AND she has ZERO issues w cats! See photo below- my cat is laying next to her on the couch!   she comes w treats, toys, a collar, harness and leash, a seal belt harness AND tie out. She does not fetch. She was rescued from being on a 10ft chain w no shelter in ALL the elements (for who knows how long- @least 6-8 months) SO if you have her on the tie out, it MUST be temporary ONLY.  She also is NOT a fan of storms OR being in the rain.   I have a trng collar and video (Don Sullivan- the Dog Father) on how to train/use the collar. She is trained now to a point and listens well.   She is SPAYED, MICROCHIPPED, CURRENT on ALL vaccines, to include Rabies. And a current flea/tick pill.  There no catch - it’s just that I was a Temporary FOSTER home for her and now it’s time to find her forever home. If you are NOT able to care for her and you end up leaving her outside full time, on a chain , or in storms or things, and NOT grooming her - YOU ARE NOT A GOOD FIT!   If you are interested in meeting her, please contact Paisley Paige via Facebook (   



Full blood Cinnamon Male Chow Chow. Birthdate, 10/29/17. 

Neutered, UTD on rabies vaccinations. No health issues.

Behavior: Chases chickens (from behind the fence), little interaction with cats or other dogs outside of trips to vet & Petsmart. Is sweet & playful but can be aggressive about his food (worked w/a trainer a yr ago). 

We tearfully surrendered him on 7/12 after trying off & on the last year to re-home him.   

Contact: Carlos with Animal Rescue Kingdom, Sugarland, 832.267.5777 




Alfie is a sweet 2 year old Chow Golden Mix available from Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston (GRRH). He is a very independent boy. He enjoys being around other dogs but he doesn’t really interact with them much. Same with cats, not really bothered by their presence but not interested in interacting with them either. He enjoys being outside where he can sniff and explore. He is heartworm negative and otherwise a healthy pup. Right now he is still a little “jumpy” so he would be better suited for a family with older children. Alfie does not like to be crated and can be quite the escape artist. Once he figures out what love and a constant roof over his head feels like, he’s going to understand just how lucky he is!


If you would like to meet Alfie to see if he fits your family, please visit and fill out an adoption application. If you have any questions, please call GRRH's hotline at 713-521-9019.



Meet Mila!  She is between 3-5 years old. Great with people however would do best in a home with no other pets.  She is updated on all of her shots as well as being spayed and microchipped.  Her adoption fee is $200.  Mila is currently being fostered in Mishawaka, IN.  If you are interested in meeting Mila, please contact Linda @ or call  574-298-1676.    


 Rowdy is a typical chow!  He can be stubborn at times but is very friendly with with people, very playful. He can play well with a lot of dogs, some dogs he cannot. He has anxiety in a crate unfortunately but is house trained and is in a foster home with other dogs and children. He does not like cats, loses his mind around them in fact. He is all around a happy dog, but needs a particular setting and home.  He is 11 months old & has been fully vetted.  He is currently located in  Skiatook, Oklahoma.

For more information on Rowdy, please contact