It's all because of you!

Here are some of the things we accomplished in 2018 with your support!

● Assisted 150 dogs

● Added 1 dogs to our forever Senior program bringing our total to 10.

● Attended 30 fundraisers/events in Houston and Austin and 3 online fundraisers.

● Actively participated in #GivingTuesday for the first time, with videos, photos, and posts on social media.

● Successfully continued our merchandise sales strategy with collars, towels, shirts, and other goodies.

● Spent $55,000 on veterinary procedures such as spay/neuter, entropion surgery, heart worm treatment, and preventives, to name a few. We had a groundbreaking face lift procedure for Babette (pictured below), which helped remove many skin folds due to over-breeding and has allowed her to see!

Several of the pups this year were only with us for a few short days, but we made sure they had beds, comfy blankets, good food, clean water, medicine to soothe their pain, and loads of love in their last days. Baytown, Liddie, Dooley, Grizzley, and two of our puppies, Jill Monroe and Tom Bosley, are forever etched into our hearts, and we work harder because of them.

Looking ahead to 2019, our thoughts return to basic foundation tasks, including:

● Build and document our processes and procedures into standardized forms and established processes 

● Fill the following positions:

o Application Coordinator

o Volunteer Coordinator

o Foster Coordinator 

o Adoption Coordinator

If your company has a corporate gift matching program, can you let us know?  We can provide all the details necessary to get an organization signed up, we just need to know with whom to connect.  Send an email directly to or our main Chow email address and we can take it from there.

As always, we love to hear from you and get your thoughts, feedback, and ideas on ways we can improve our communications, updates, and overall engagement. If you have thoughts or ideas, please email  And we’re always taking donations! 

Thanks for making this all possible! 

Your Houston Chow Board: 

Denise, Krissey, Janet, Jill, Yana, and Kelly