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Fynn is a looker. This handsome black male has the girls staring! Fynn is about 3 years old. He is loving his foster home in Oklahoma where there are older children and a senior female chow. He unfortunately is not a fan of cats so NO CATS!  We will continue to update his bio as we learn about him.



Falcon or "Kisses" will win your heart quickly. She is dog friendly and  loves people with her tail swishing to and fro. Her coat is so pretty!  This girl would do great with a family! She is about 2-3 years old and  has her suitcase packed! 



Oh! This boy! You just want to squeeze him! Butterscotch (real name) came to us because his owner did not have a fenced yard and Butterscotch was wanting to check things out. He appears to be dog friendly however he is not a fan of cats! He is about 5 per shelter and we will verify. Nice friendly pup!