Do you love Chows? Of course you are here! Do you like the ever adorable underbite on dogs? Even if you don't, you are in the right place, because Mitch will win you over!

Are you wanting a 2-3 year old Chow that is house trained, knows sit (and stay sometimes), and is good with kids, adults and other dogs? Then Mitch is your boy! He went from the streets to a foster home without missing a beat.

He loves attention but doesn't demand it. He is content just to be near his human. Walks good on a leash but needs a little more training to not stop constantly to sniff. But who can blame a boy for wanting to stop and smell the roses? We can't!

Oh, and he loves car rides as much as walks! Win, win, win and win!



For a young-ish puppy, Ranger is remarkably calm.  He merged into the foster pack within hours.  The two 10-lb dogs in his foster pack taught Ranger the finer points of doggy etiquette, so Ranger is now quite the gentleman. While he might have lived on the streets for months, that life hasn’t soured his personality.  He is trusting enough to handle most new situations if given a few minutes to look things over.  Ranger is fully house trained, tolerates being in a crate, and has learned how to use a doggy door.  When there are people around, he would rather be near his people at all the times.  He has had zero leash training. However, judging by how quickly he picked up how to use the doggy door, Ranger should be a star pupil in puppy obedience class.  Ranger is currently 4 to 5 months old, weighs 25 lbs, is up to date on shots, heartworm-free and micro-chipped.  Coming into rescue as a stray means that Ranger is too thin for his frame.  His foster family is working with the vet to ensure Ranger gains weight with a healthy consistent diet.  He will be neutered once he is closer to his ideal weight.



Maddie has a beautiful soul. She is people/dog/cat friendly, house/crate  trained, & a healthy 7 yr. chow mix and weighs 38 lbs. If you are  looking for a running partner or an enthusiastic walker, Maddie is a  great partner to have. If you are looking for a dog that will chill  & relax, Maddie loves to cuddle & lay by your side. Maddie loves  to do “zoomies” in the yard. Her senses are sharp & she is alert to  the outside world. Maddie is not a barker. She loves to go for car  rides as well!  If you are looking for a perfect dog, Maddie could be  for you.



SENIOR CHOW COMMUNITY: This sweet 10-12 year old lady is Cookie. Her mom  passed away, and her dad is in a dementia care facility. We couldn’t  let her go to a shelter so one of our wonderful fosters in Austin took  her in. They have a dog daycare and boarding business and it proved to  be too much action for Miss Cookie. She has most likely been a single  dog and she is protective of her food.
She is looking for a forever foster who can give her calm slow-moving  environment and a quiet space to sleep (a lot). Careful attention to  feeding and treats while she gets comfortable with new people. She may  be okay with another calm aloof senior dog. Please contact us if you can  help out in any way.