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Sweetheart Delta is new. So far she has been super friendly. Her cost is  a mess! When she is spayed her cost will be shaved down. It is very dry  and matted.  Better pics post surgery will be obtained and we will  update her post. We believe she is around 2-3 years old.



Loving this boy! Flynn has been hanging out with a senior female and an energetic young female chow and he just goes with the flow. His favorite place to be is by his human. This boy would do great with kids. He is about 40 lbs and needs to gain some weight. 


City Girl

City Girl is being spoiled by her foster parents as she has access to a  doggy door, a big chow brother and two cats. She absolutely loves her  foster mom and looks for pets and attention when she comes home. City  Girl is a great house guest. She does take a bit of warm up time but  will bond with an owner. Her days are filled with laying outside by the  pool, having a cool beverage inside and coming and going through the  doggy door as she pleases. She does pretty well on a leash too. Her coat  is a stunning deep red that is making great progress from the dry and  parched look she had initially. City Girl is a small chow girl at 35lbs.



Paco is an 8 month old 46 lb handsome red fellow. He is reserved at first but will become your devoted companion. He gets along with females and with males who let him be the alpha however he is not a fan of cats. He is house trained.  We definitely think he would do best in a chow savvy home as she has the typical chow traits....bark when someone comes into their domain, initially unsure of new people and have a high prey drive.