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And the award for the most unique-looking Chow Chow/Ridgeback puppy goes  to........ Dusty! He is a plump little boy with a great personality and  ridge. He is (right now) the most laid-back of the group.  Currently 6 weeks old and available for pre-adoption.  Ready to go home in 4 weeks. 



Little Natty is the best 7 month old puppy ever. She likes to play, is housetrained and can be crated if needed.  Natty loves to cuddle and has been told that furniture is fair game for jumping on.  She is not a barker.  Toys and chews are favorites. 



You've come a long way baby! Since being chased down while pregnant, to having babies and seeing them off to their own homes, Sienna has now grown into a beautiful, confident young adult. She was really afraid of people when she came in to rescue, but now she's learned to trust and love. She has fun, plays with toys and enjoys treats, which she never did six months ago. It is beautiful to watch. She's learning that not all dogs are her nemesis. Even though she's dog selective, she's learning to play and have fun with a few of them (usually younger).   Sienna will not be what we call a plug-in play dog. You're not going to be able just to throw her into a house full of dogs and expect it to go beautifully. Introductions to  dogs is going to take some time. She loves to go on walks but she is not great with meeting other dogs on leashes either.  She loves to hang out in the backyard and chase squirrels and enjoy nature. She's a really great houseguest and is very good about respecting the house and using the outside for her pottying. She is patient, quiet, can be by herself, and respects barriers, which is great since she is not able to be with every dog in the foster mom's house.  Once you gain her trust, you are in! She loves to be kissed on the forehead and told how pretty she is. Someone just needs to open their heart to this gorgeous girl and know that she may be the only dog in the house while she's here on Earth. But she will make sure that you know that you are the light of her life also! It will be so worth it!



Our husky mix Possum is ready for adoption. She was saved from a shelter and has been vetted. Since she is a senior we did blood work and it was perfect! We believe this girl to be about 10. She has a great set of choppers and is active and alert. Her right eye shows signs of sight impairment but her left eye makes up for it as she can navigation well. Possum is dog friendly. We prefer to adopt her locally (Texas/surrounding areas) rather than put this princess on transport.




Sawyer, you are just so animated looking! What do YOU think he is saying?  I think he is asking for his forever people.

Chow/Labradoodle mix.  Approximately 12 weeks.



Momma Sunrise's mini me minus the ridge! Skye is a little shy at first  but then decides that she likes attention and figures out that everything will be okay. She's a wait and see kind of gal. This little  Chow Chow/Ridgeback mix puppy is available for pre-adoption and will be available to go home in a few weeks. 



This small lover is anything but a Spitfire! He is full of "pet me" looks and licks. Spitfire likes female dogs and possibly males but he is hearing impaired (perhaps due to untreated ear infections) so a mellow dog may be best for him. This boy is about 2 and 38 lbs. He will have a nice coat when it comes back to all its glory after a shave.



This gentle 8 year old is a sweet girl looking for her last stop. Her mom had some life changes which prevented Lola to stay with her.  Lola is shy at first but makes friends quickly. She is dog friendly. Drops for belly rubs and likes to see the leash for a walk.



Just look at this girl! Stunning, we tell you! Hudspeth is a 15 week old  Chow Chow/Labradoodle mix. She looks more Chow and Lab. Sweet as can  be! Loves to play and then melt in your arms. She is probably going to  be 60ish lbs so there will be plenty of her to love! If you are  interested in adopting, please fill out an application at  She just went on the website, so don't dilly dally because we are  pretty sure it won't take long for her to find her person (s).