Meet Grace!  She is one of the Quattro Crew!   She will melt your heart with her stunning eyes.  She is all smiles after her spa day!  She is a little shy at 1st but warms up quickly.  Grace is just over 2 years old (born 1-27-17), fully  vaccinated, spayed and heartworm negative.  She will be microchipped  prior to adoption. Grace is a little smaller at 36 lbs and could definitely stand to gain a few lbs.  She loves hanging out with her brother Mufasa and sisters Zoe and Queen.  She is dog friendly.  Unfortunately like her siblings, Grace lived outside for all of her life so she is  still learning his house manners but is making good progress along with her other siblings Zoe, Queen and Mufasa.



Senior Chow Advocates – we need you! She has been a single lady her whole life and she likes it that way. Humans only, no other pets! Fifi loves, loves, loves people!

Her story: We bailed her out of the Arkansas pokey in July 2018. Once here, she spent some time in boarding. She started getting depressed so we soon found a foster for her. Um, with dogs… and that is when we discovered that she did not want to share the spotlight! At first she was fine but her love for people made her not want to share the affection and she got bossy and did some trash talking, basically showing off her Diva attitude. Let us know if you can help out our Diva Fifi. 

Fifi is about 8-9. She is active and loves the yard and checking out her surroundings. Walks are important and she is one to remind us to stop and smell the roses! Fifi is ready for her new home!



Honor is an 11 month old beauty with quite a story to tell. She is very  proud of her name as it has a heart wrenching legacy. Honor did not  start out well in life but she has made great strides now that she is  more confident in humans and her circle has been widened with new  experiences. Honor is dog friendly and people friendly, just needs to  overcome her shyness. She will not be transported. She will be only  adopted within a Texas or surrounding states with a savvy owner who can  be her champion and rock.



Everyone,  lets welcome Nebraska into our rescue!  We call him Raska for short and  he is about 10 months old.  He is a friendly and playful puppy who is  looking for a forever family.  

We are going to have him groomed  and vetted then he will be fostered in Austin.  Stay tuned for more information on this precious boy!