In Memory Of our family companions......


  • Virgina Corkran - In memory of Duke - Sarah Kee


  • Penny Welbourne - In loving memory of Reign, who I miss with all my heart.


  • Christina Chodor - This Donation is Made on Deb West & her beloved rescue Chow Samantha.


  • Kylea Smith - In loving memory of our precious chow chow Dolce. He was the sunshine in my day, the warmth in my soul & the love in my heart. He was our fluffy little world, & he was taken from us far, far too soon to the Rainbow Bridge. Today would have been his 4th birthday, and because Dolce chose making everyone smile as his purpose every single day, we hope that this donation will make someone else smile in his honor. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do for this incredible breed.


  • Red Lincoln
  • Rebecca Quesnel - in honor of Papa Young


  • Helen Gughis


  • Kenneth Brown - Paula Hamiltons' 1st rescue & loving lady for many years.

Our Past Chow Girls

  • Anita & Paul M Farkas


  • Celene Frasier






Always on our minds! Forever in our hearts!

Houston Chow Chow Connection pulled Treasure, her two kids, and who we  believe was the father of her puppies a little over three and a half  years ago from a kill shelter in Texas. We may have rescued her but she  rescued the rest of us also! 

She ended up being adopted in to a  household that adored her and shared their life with her! She got  birthday cakes, Halloween walks, dress up days, and game days with her  girls and on alert and sleepy time with her four-legged brothers. That's  how we want her remembered.

Her life before that was not a good  situation. She was neglected and had horrible untreated heartworms. And  unfortunately, three and a half years after she rescued us, she passed  away this weekend because of heart issues due to past heartworms. Her  family did everything they could to make her very comfortable throughout  her life with them especially in the end. But they did not want to keep  her around for them. This is what her mom had to say.

Thank you  for bringing her into our family!  I think we got much more from her  than we gave.  She is such a life lesson in having a positive outlook on  life despite your past.  Abigail (one of our girls) really bonded with  her immediately and took a lot of inspiration from her.  Definitely  unforgettable!!

So, until we meet again Sweet Treasure! You are loved!

  •  Kami Hilinski - In Memory of Treasure. We'll love you forever. 





  • Helen Gughis - In Memory of Treasure


Patience aka Belize

Patience aka Belize



We had a senior forever foster pass. Meeka was saved a few years ago.  She was being sold for $20 and through a transporter and forever foster  we were able to scoop her up.

She had a great life with her mom. Shopping trips, treats, brothers and sisters and lots of walks.

 Thank you foster mom/mom.  You treated her as if she was your own.  People that are senior forever fosters are some kind of special.

Meeka  ❤❤

Patience aka Belize

Patience aka Belize

Patience aka Belize



With  a heavy heart we want to say goodbye to one of our pups who was adopted  and loved by the perfect family. Belize came from the Gonzales shelter  and after bringing her in to rescue we found out that she was heartworm  positive (and had been for a while) and had a heart issue. She was in  rescue for several months when we received an application and they  wanted to meet her even with these two issues! They brought their other  dog Brando to meet Belize and the rest is history! She was given the  name Patience Marie and became a  beautiful diva! She was loved loved  loved! Unfortunately this family lost their other pup Brando just a few  months prior to losing Patience. Our hearts go out to them. We want to  thank everyone who gives our pups a chance!

Sweet dreams Patience and Brando!


Patience aka Belize



  • Lisa Beck - In memory of Brad "Bradley Cooper" VerHoeven





  • Michael Bernstein - This is for Cecy Correa in honor of her beautiful Chow Chow Baloo, passed away today in Austin, TX.  Thank you for the great work you do.





  • Carole & Jeff Hines - In Memory of our beautiful & sweet girl Lulu.  We miss her terribly & send this donation in her memory.





  • Helen Gughis - Today is the 1 year anniversary of when Lincoln got his wings. When I look back to all the times with him, I was blessed to get to have him in my life. In my heart there’ll always be a place for him forever.  A part of him is always with me,  no matter where I am.

In Memory Of our friends of rescue......

Betty Drumm

  • Tricia Kluge-Sacco

Joyce Luster

  • Jerald & Eileen Hudson

Charlie Jensen

  • Helen Gughis

Ken Brown


Foster. Supporter. Cheerleader.  All around nice nice man.  We  had some sadness the weekend of June 22nd. Our enthusiastic friend Ken passed away.   As usual, he was helping one of our dogs when he became ill.

We  want his family and friends to know how much we appreciate them sharing him and his enthusiasm with us.  He was so kind, so happy to be helping and so in love with our dogs.

May God Bless You Ken. Thank you.

Marge Alexander

 It is with great sadness that we share news that on September 12th, the rescue community lost an amazing and wonderful woman, Marge Alexander.  For many many years she played an essential role in coordinating, transporting and uniting hundreds of animals with their new forever  homes.  Helping others was not only her passion, it was her legacy.  We had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with Marge in May.  We will forever treasure that short time we spent together.  We laughed and shared great stories about our families (especially our 4-legged  family), friends & the long list of incredible volunteers we have met along the way.  She was a great supporter and devoted friend to so  many people and she will be deeply missed by all.  Rest in peace Marge....until we meet again. 

  • Marge Curtis
  • Catherine Tojaga
  • Dorothy Nowaczewski
  • Mary A McClary
  • Charles Alexander