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How was the West won? It was tamed by handsome fiery men llike our Gunsmoke. This blue/black chow is a winner. Loves the ladies and with too much charm! He needs to scale it back and a neuter will help! In typical fashion this young male has no time for cats and thinks they should not be allowed  on his parcel of land. Gunsmoke is neutered, current on vaccines, microchipped and is ready to find his new forever home.



Our little Myra is timid and shy but so loving! She would love to have a fur sibling in the house to play with. Myra needs a boost of confidence with loving words and soft hands. Myra is housetrained and crate trained and just a year old.



I'm tiny like a stuffed fluffie. Just 24 lbs! I've been told I am a chow mix with my blue tongue and someone suggested corgi too. I don't know. But I do know I am feeling much safer and have some foster dogs to hang with. They are all bigger than me! My foster mom likes to hold me and carry me around the house and I really like that too! I'm trying not to be so shy and need to work on that. I am all vetted up and cant wait to snuggle with my new family.



 This boy is the rescue co-founder's personal favorite. We believe he is a golden retriever/chow chow mix. Jensen is very calm and follows his foster. Right now he is still learning the ropes and the two senior dogs in the foster home scare him a bit. Jensen  would be a terrific one dog owner dog or someone that has very low key pets. On walks he does not approach cats unless they run and he is excellent on a leash. Like his coat, his heart is gold. He would make an excellent family pet.  



Meet the Buddah man! This happy boy is very active and he would love a yard to romp in. He is dog friendly but cats just don't seem to be his thing.  Buddah is about 5 years old. Buddah is fine with older children. He thinks his foster parents hung the moon but he is looking for his forever home.  




Breed: Chow Chow
Sex: Male
Age: 4 yrs
Weight: 50lbs
Energy LvL: Medium
Dogs: Yes
Cats: No
Kids: No

Meet Maverick! This handsome chow chow is looking for his new love in  life. You see, Maverick was a severely abused chow chow, who never had  human connection or love until he came into the rescue world. Now, he is  looking for an experienced owner who understands the time and patience  necessary for some rescue pups, especially his breed!

Maverick enjoys the simple things in life, a ball or bone to chew on,  two meals a day and a few snacks throughout if he gets his way! He  wasn’t always so easy going, and was in a pretty bad place emotionally  upon first rescue. Detached and afraid, it wasn’t but 6 months before he  began to understand the joys of human comfort. Though he can still be  leery of hands and meeting new people sometimes, he has learned that  humans mean good things! Food, toys and treats are a vital part of his  day to continue moving forward! He doesn’t mind other dogs and their  company but prefers to play alone still. Being adopted with another dog  may be a good way to help integrate him into a new environment and  establish a quicker bond, but he would be fine as an only as well. He  would not be so good in a home with cats as he seems to think cats and  squirrels are of the same foreign land, and he is not a big fan. So, a  home without is best!

This sweet boy is also very smart, and eager to please with a little  tasty snack for motivation. He does know sit and stay, and knows to go  to kennel. He is used to being groomed but is not a big fan of it.  Though with continued socialization and good grooming practice from his  foster he has been learning to enjoy the brush a lot more and even  enjoys the attention and rub down once he is comfortable with you.  Maverick is a sensitive dog who is just trying to get over his past, and  a home with someone who can meet him with that same patience in life  will really gain a true companion for the rest of their lives.

Maverick is fully vetted, meaning he is neutered, up to date on  vaccinations, micro-chipped and kept up on monthly flea, tick, and  heart-worm prevention.



Honor is an 11 month old beauty with quite a story to tell. She is very  proud of her name as it has a heart wrenching legacy. Honor did not  start out well in life but she has made great strides now that she is  more confident in humans and her circle has been widened with new  experiences. Honor is dog friendly and people friendly, just needs to  overcome her shyness. She will not be transported. She will be only  adopted within a Texas or surrounding states with a savvy owner who can  be her champion and rock.



Fynn is a looker. This handsome black male has the girls staring! Fynn is about 3 years old. He is loving his foster home in Oklahoma where there are older children and a senior female chow. He unfortunately is not a fan of cats so NO CATS!  We will continue to update his bio as we learn about him.