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We should have called him Mr Koala!   This 3 year  old boy comes to us from New Orleans.   He has connected with everyone  he has met so far!  Here are some of the great comments his current  foster Mommy had to say about him!

*Very friendly with dogs and people
*Walks perfectly on leash
*House trained
*Seems to like cats (He doesn’t nip or bite them but does give chase when they run.  He more or less wants to play with them.)
*Still has puppy energy and very playful. *Loving and wants to be cuddled
*Does not chew on shoes or clothing
*Overall he is an excellent dog.  He will make a great pet for someone!

Can u say P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!!

He will be vetted & neutered soon & then will be ready for his forever home!


 Meet Magoo!!!!
Magoo is a Chow Chow that has had a rough start. He was rescued from a  kill shelter where he ended up after being picked up by animal control.  Clearly from his behavior he came from a not so great environment. He  was kept outdoors, not stimulated, and beaten. Now he is in rescue and  learning how to be a better pup every day, but could really benefit from  a home all his own. Magoo is looking for someone who is a fan of chows,  understands the breed and has the patience and understanding to  continue helping him through life.
Magoo is estimated to be around 4 years of age, and weighs about 55lbs.  He has come a long way from where he started. He is slow to trust new  people, but is easily encouraged with a tasty snack or a new ball. He is  highly motivated with food as a reward, and will do virtually anything  you ask. Meeting new people comes a lot easier once he has some  motivation. Once he becomes comfortable and you are no longer a  stranger, he turns into quite the character. He loves to get his chest  rubbed, and enjoys his ears being scratched. He will even talk and  grumble at you as he follows you around the house, eagerly awaiting  something good. He loves all toys, but especially loves a ball that he  can squish over and over again! Sometimes he will even throw a toy on  the ground, and roll around on it as he talks to himself. He is such a  quirky guy!
He is leery of new dogs at first but seems to do well with other dogs  once he’s familiar. He may do well in a home without other dogs or maybe  just a smaller pack (1 or 2), so he can continue to learn more social  skills. He doesn’t seem to have issues with other dogs, just more of an  unknown still to him. Like most Chows, smaller animals such as cats or  small dogs are not going to work for Magoo. He enjoys chasing the  squirrels too much, and all things small are fair game to chase as well!  He does well when asked to Leave it, but a home without would be better  for him. Magoo has never been exposed to children, and due to their  loud and demanding nature, a home without kids is preferred.
Magoo responds great to training and is highly motivated to learn. He  knows sit, and walks well on a leash. He is good in his kennel and  doesn’t mind going in for naps or to eat his meals, so leaving him  kenneled while you’re away is no issue! He usually curls up with a bone  and enjoys his alone time while your away. He responds well to vocal  commands over hand signals. Positive reinforcement with patience and  confidence is crucial in continuing the process of emotional healing.
Magoo is special pup who deserves a real chance at life, with someone  who loves and cares about him. He wants so desperately to love and  trust, and has had a hard time, understandably so, up until his life in  rescue. Now, he has learned that people are good, and can give him a  life full of love and adventure. We just need someone now to fulfill  this duty forever by providing a loving home and family. Magoo is fully  vetted, meaning he is microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, neutered  and current on monthly parasite prevention such as flea, tick, and  heartworm. 



Jax is a strikingly handsome 5 year old Chow mix with a great smile, and he has the personality to match! He bonds quickly to people and aims to please; he is happiest being showered with attention. Jax loves to go for walks, ride in cars, and play, play, play! He is a little rough around the edges and will need training to learn commands and boundaries; he can be a little exuberant showing his love and isn’t shy about jumping in your lap! He hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like, and he gets along great with the dogs and cats in his foster home. Jax recently had entropian surgery, but the damage done over the years has left him slightly sight impaired. He can’t see very well from afar and does better up close, but he doesn’t let that slow him down a bit! He is also heartworm positive and is currently undergoing treatment. 



Zion is a bigger male at 63#. He is is an easy going  guy and likes to chill on the foster moms patio. Female dogs seem to be  ok for him but males threaten his ego! He would do best as the only  male dog in the home.  Zion enjoys walks, pets and talks with his foster. He is about 4 years old per our vet.



Babette has moved from Dallas to Austin, TX. Welcome to Austin, Babette!

Babette may look like a tough bear, but this gentle soul has been  particularly affected by all the changes she has been through. As a  result, she needs some time before she shows her true self. She’s not a  diva about it, she just needs you to show her that you are worthy of her  trust.  Babette is house-trained and will let you know when she needs to go out. Her leash manners are quite good but could use some polishing.    Babette is very particular about the male humans she allows in her  life. She is now living in a household with two adult men with no  issues. But in a past situation, Babette decided that the man wasn’t to  her liking. She wouldn’t stop barking at the poor guy.😢 Babette has shown that she can thrive in a pack, but can be just as  happy as an only dog. She is spayed, in excellent health, fully vetted,  microchipped, and ready for her fur-ever home.

Are you that person (s)? ❤🐶❤